Wellness Coaching

At Body & Soul Women’s Wellness – it’s not just about being physically fit – it’s about changing your mindset and empowering yourself to take an active role towards better health and overall wellbeing.



Wellness is a choice:

a firmness to make a decision.


Wellness is integration:

a combination of everything you do, feel, think and believe that has an impact on your state of mind, health and outlook on life.


Wellness is a way of life:

a lifestyle you create to achieve your highest potential for wellbeing.

 You can say you want change however only YOU have the power to put action into practice.

Take action – be the change”

Body and Soul Women’s Wellness is a very apt name for Helen’s business.  Not many of us go through life unscathed, and when we are hit with overwhelming heartache and sadness we need a lot of nurturing to continue our journey.  Helen has helped me immensely from attending her wellness sessions to attending her physical fitness classes, firstly one on one and now I enjoy our small group sessions of two or three.  I have been going to Helen for over twelve months and can honestly say this is the first time I have ever actually enjoyed going to the gym.  I feel fitter and have more energy, and an added bonus is the lovely women I have met.

J Smith

The Body & Soul Women’s Wellness 4-week wellness coaching program will educate, encourage and guide you towards healthy behaviours and support you to take small steps in achieving long lasting wellness. This 4 week step-by-step program is designed for women seeking Vibrancy/Energy/Growth.

The program will give you the tools:


to identify what really motivates you


develop strategies to overcome foreseeable obstacles


help you create a vision


help you achieve a healthier lifestyle

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