Women Empowering Women Seminars

Body & Soul Women’s Wellness will be hosting a number of Women Empowering Women seminars throughout the year that aim to bring you the latest information on Healthy Eating, Financial Wellness and many other topics that will help you GROW and PROSPER!!

Body & Soul Women’s Wellness Expo

13th September, 2015

at CQ University

10.00am – 3.00pm

Body and Soul Women’s Wellness Expo


Introducing Presenters

Body and Soul Women’s Wellness Expo Helen SimpsonHelen Simpson

When the inaugural Body and Soul Women’s Wellness Expo will kick off on Sunday, September 13 no one will be more excited than Helen Simpson.

“I have wanted to create an event such as this expo for some time. There is so much out there for women to access and it will be the perfect forum to provide information that is focused on women’s health and well-being.”

Educating women is what drives Helen in her own business, Body and Soul Women’s Wellness, and forms the basis of the holistic approach she takes when empowering women to become the very best they can be.

“My business is about bringing out the best version of a woman, starting from the inside and working out,” says Helen.

“Women come to me a shell of themselves and six weeks later they are shining.”

Helen believes a woman has to allow herself the opportunity and time to devote to herself. “”Women have been programmed to put others first,” she says. “it is important to both our physical and mental health that we learn how to invest in ourselves.”

The benefit of the expo is that women will be able to access valuable information, all from the same venue.

“The Body and Soul Women’s Wellness Expo has been in my business plan from inception,” says Helen. “This event will showcase what Gladstone has to offer”

Leesa Barr

Leesa-BarrLeesa Barr is a beauty therapist, makeup artist, hairdresser and stylist whose passion for skincare and beauty products has prompted her to launch her own range of makeup under the label “Leesa Barr”.

What initially started as a hobby for Leesa has been slowly evolving over the past 10 years and buyers will soon be able to purchase the first release of her line entitled “The Clutch Collection”.

“Working as a beaury therapist and makeup artist, I would sometimes find myself micng things in my own kitchen, trying to get the right shade of foundation or concealer,” said Leesa. “In 2000 I completed an Applied Science Course and have been playing and developing products ever since.”

The Clutch Collection will include the basic items ladies should keep in the purses to keep them looking their best, including a lipstick or gloss, invisible soft focus powder, cream foundation and mascara.

Leesa believes that when we look our best, we feel our best and encourages women to “get up, dress up, show up and never give up”, no matter how they feel.

“A woman’s self-confidence increases when she feels good,” says Leesa. “The way you feel can affect our wee-being and your physiological behaviour.”

Leesa has a fascination story to share about her journey as wife, mother and business woman. Not only will she introduce audiences to her beautiful new range but she will make over one lucky lady while sharing strategies to adjust your style and unlock your self-confidence.

Body and Soul Women’s Wellness Expo Nicole-ConnollyNicole Connolly

Nicole Connolly doesn’t believe in before-and-after photos to show a health journey.

While the passionate Queenslander started her transformation by chasing a “dream number” on the scales, now her dreams are much bigger. They’re on show in her buzzing kitchen, her lush vegie patch, her lazy days on the beach, and in the huge jar of handwritten notes on her lounge room, keeping her true to the challenges yet to come.

Harnessing her life-long passion for cooking, and her past six years trying to establish a healthy relationship with food, Nic is the founder of The Whole Foodie, a kealth blog and food coaching business based in Gladstone.

Her business has already grown to include hundreds of followers and dozens of clients. But Nic doesn’t want to start an empire – she just wants to listen to those who want to talk.

“It’s not my goal to fix everybody,” she explains. “But what I’ve realised is that people don’t know how to make changes in their own lives  – and for a few people, I can make that difference.”

Recently graduated from New York’s Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Nic is constantly developing new delicious recipes to cater to every food intolerance, and is learning every day from her research, her experience, and from listening to her wide range of friends and clients.

“As long as I can remember I have always had a passion for food and cooking,” she says.

Nic has adapted various food challenges and lifestyle programs to reach her healthiest, happiest state. She aims to help others find their balance, in food and nutrition, and in life.

Terri Hewerdineterry-hewerdine

Terri Hewerdine is a marketing professional with over 10 years’ experience, holding a Bachelor of Business specialising in Advertising and Marketing. Currently the Marketing Manager of Stockland Gladstone, she has a passion for fashion, health and fitness.

In this role Terri creates seasonal fashion campaigns and regularly presents her own take on new season fashion trends from around the Centre. The Spring/Summer Lifestyle Magazine Stockland produces showcases the everyday fashion inspiration that is available locally to refresh your wardrobe and home for the new season.

“With over 14 different fashion and accessories stores in the Centre we have a broad range of products to cover all budgets and styles,” she says. “Fashion is a personal thing; it’s about finding your own unique style and feeling great about yourself.”

Stockland is pleased to be supporting the Woman’s Wellness Expo and will be presenting the latest Spring/Summer fashion trends on the day as well as giving away a special makeover experience for one lucky attendee.

Terri is also an advocate for parkun. Having helped establish the Gladstone event, she is a regular volunteer for the free, weekly parkun held in the Lions Park every Saturday morning designed to promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

“Stockland and parkun work together with our community to set up free weekly, 5km timed runs that are open to everyone. Runners of all ages and abilities can participate and they are safe and easy to take part in.”


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