Sound Healing with Julian Silburn

Body & Soul Women’s Wellness is proud to be partnering with Julian from Sound Alchemy to bring you Sound Healing at the City of Perth Lifesaving Club – City Beach

The first Sound Session will commence on the 6th July with further dates to be advertised shortly.


Experience the ancient healing sounds of the: Didjeridu, Tibetan bowls, Crystal bowls, Harp, Planetary Gong,Sitar, Native American drums and other sound healing instruments.

Your sound and vibration journey will take you into deep states of relaxation-(a lot deeper than sleep),with incredible healing benefits. Each part of the body including the energy meridians,(chakras), resonate at different frequencies. To bring these frequencies back into tune involves a variety of sounds ranging from low to high vibrations which correspond to these energy centers.

Various instruments are played over and around the body and this cleanses the electromagnetic field of the body and impels the blood through the nerve endings. Sound and vibration sessions effectively tunes the body to its optimal resonance and can greatly increase rapid recovery from illness and injuries.

Sound healing is a highly effective and proven modality that has the following health benefits:

* Promotes energetic harmony and peace on all levels of being
* Cleanses, balances and harmonizes the chakra system
* Improves sleep
* Pain relieving
* Boosts your immune system
* Detoxifies and harmonizes on a cellular level
* Eliminates stress
* Promotes and enhances spiritual awakening and development

WHEN: – July 6th
TIME: – 9.30am to 11.00am

Costs: – $25.00 (Body and Soul Womens Wellness members and City of Perth Surf Club members)
$30 for Non members.

Payment can be made on the day.

Please show your membership on arrival 

Online bookings are by Paypal
Pay to

For further info on Julian’s background click on link below


Hosted by Sound Alchemy and Body & Soul Women’s Wellness

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