Feel good – look good!

Whether it is losing weight, toning muscle, training for a sporting event or maintaining your health and wellbeing, getting into shape requires effort and motivation.

Catering to all fitness levels and age groups, the Body & Soul Women’s Wellness Individual 6 week Shred Program is an individually tailored program that focuses on combining short duration, high-intensity resistance training with nutritional guidance to produce maximum results.

Private 1-on-1 Fitness Training

Offering private 1-on-1-fitness training with effective calorie burning workouts to help you tone up and lose weight.

With the expert advice of a professional fitness advisor, Helen will help you progress at your own pace and work on those areas which require special attention.

COST:- $95.00 per session (55 mins)

To book your FREE consultation, contact Helen on 04 22 310 744

At Body & Soul Women’s Wellness – the focus is on YOU!!

Helen is such an amazing and inspiring trainer. She doesn’t just take care of my health but she also cares about my mental health and is always looking out for me. I love the way she helps me with my training twice a week and I have never felt better myself since! Thanks, Helen!

Michelle Mok | PERTH


I really enjoy coming to the gym when I know I’m training with Helen, she is a fantastic trainer, very supportive and bubbly. She motivates you to go beyond what you think your limit is and is a stickler for technique (which being a physio I love!!) The small groups are also really beneficial and without a doubt, I would recommend Helen to anyone.

Zoe Leunig | PERTH WA

After 12 weeks not 1 injury or niggle. Feeling awesome all over. Would never have thought I could do a normal pushup but managed a few sets of 15 today. Gotta love the positive encouragement Helen gives every step of the way

Heather Eaton | PERTH

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