“Imagine how your life can change – set your vision, your goals, find your strengths and make it happen!!”

The truth is that in today’s society where we are bombarded with facts on what’s good for you, and what’s not, learning to change your own behavior is one of the hardest things to do.

Many of us would like to change something in our lives. Whether it’s improvements in eating habits, weight control, fitness levels, stress management or other behaviors – we know what to do – but we often get stuck in procrastination.

Take loosing weight for instance. We know we should eat less, make healthier food choices, and exercise more so what do we do? Take the quickest and easiest way out! Go on a crash diet – starve ourselves and before we know it – we’re feeling lethargic, deprived of energy, experience rapid unhealthy weight loss that equally returns as quickly as we’ve lost it. So, once again we feel like we’ve failed – we’re disheartened and our lack of belief in our ability to take control of the issues – only worsens.

So we get stuck in a vicious cycle – we respond with self-defeating thoughts and behaviors and find ourselves making excuses as to why it didn’t, couldn’t or wouldn’t happen. The fact is many of us find ourselves, “getting in our OWN way of CHANGE – unfortunately some of us stay there whilst others decide to stop self-sabotaging their lives and begin to take control.

In many instances – self-confidence is a huge obstacle. Not feeling worthy, not trusting ourselves, negative thinking – all play a part in “self-sabotaging” and often limits our ability to focus on the strengths that we possess that enable us to bring about positive change in our life.

So how do we stop “Self-sabotaging” and begin to change our behavior so that we can start getting the results that we want?

The secret to change is learning to develop a positive mindset. We all have the power to change what’s going on in our lives by the way that we perceive things. Getting out of our OWN way and starting a more positive inner dialogue is hard, but fundamental if we want to create a more fulfilled and meaningful life.  Our thoughts are our own so only we can change them.   It is up to us to examine our negative self-talk, to take responsibility for it and ultimately to make the conscious choices that can lead to a more positive direction. Learn to feed your mind with the mind-set you want. Every time you feed yourself a positive mind-set you weaken your negativity.

If we consciously decide to develop a positive mind-set, empowered by positive thinking, we put ourselves in the correct frame of mind to propel ourselves into proper action. We can then begin to focus and target the areas in which we most wish to bring about lasting change.

This is the essence of personal power: choice and responsibility. START TODAY!! Make a commitment to yourself to take small actions that will reinforce your new mind-set and empower you to make positive changes in your life.

 Change your mindset – change your world!

Helen ^


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