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As the founder of Body & Soul Women’s Wellness, I firmly believe that wellness and fitness go hand in hand. To truly make a positive and sustainable change in your life, you really need to start from the inside. My philosophy is based around “balance”- a balanced mind, creates a healthy outlook on life and in turn – the impossible becomes possible.

I have been an avid fitness fanatic for well over 35 years and at the age of 53 decided to put my passion to work and commenced the operation of Body & Soul Women’s Wellness.  Age is no barrier – I truly believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to – at any time in your life as long as you are ready to embrace the changes you want to make.

”Helen Simpson has spent the best part of her life inspiring and encouraging women to draw on their strengths to make positive, sustainable changes to their lives.  She has previously worked in Community Relations both in newspaper and resource industries, after owner/operating a number of small businesses in the Gladstone (QLD) region.  A finalist in the first ever 2015 Gladstone Inspiring Women’s Awards and a two time finalist in the Best in Business Awards, Helen continues to work with women from all backgrounds through her business Body & Soul Women’s Wellness, coaching and empowering them to keep their vision in sight and to power towards creating positive change”. WOMEN IN BUSINESS – GLADSTONE NEWS 2014

“ It’s imperative that you stay true to your core values and strive  to pursue your passions, dreams and aspirations – you owe it to yourself”


Body & Soul Women’s Wellness specialises in women’s fitness, wellness coaching, exotic overseas retreats and focuses on overall wellbeing for women of all ages.

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