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Need to get in shape?

Body & Soul Women’s Wellness specializes in women’s health and fitness programs designed to suit each individual needs and requirements. Training takes place in a beautiful gym environment overlooking the waves at City Beach.  Choose to join one of the many Small Group Personal Training Sessions – limited to only 4 ladies per group which take place every day – Monday to Friday.  Every program is individually tailored to each client and delivered in a small group setting for specialised 1-on-1 attention.  Groups are specifically brought together based of their needs and abilities.

1-on-1 personal training is also offered where you will be given a personalized program catering to your specific needs and abilities. Your fitness program will be supported by a detox and healthy eating plan.  Contact me for further details on 0422310744

 “My commitment and full dedication is to help YOU create a sustainable wellness and fitness lifestyle for the future.”

I was introduced to Helen Simpson at Body and Soul Women’s Wellness through a mutual friend over 5 months ago and I haven’t looked back. I train with Helen 3 times a week and it has been so beneficial to my health and well-being. I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 18 years and it mainly affects my knees, ankles and hands. Helen is an amazing trainer and adapts my exercise to ensure that I look after my joints. Each workout is different, targets different muscles and you leave the session feeling fantastic (and also of course exhausted.  Thank you Helen

Jillian Klages | PERTH

Helen is such an amazing and inspiring trainer. She doesn’t just take care of my health but she also cares about my mental health and is always looking out for me. I love the way she helps me with my training twice a week and I have never felt better myself since! Thanks, Helen!

Michelle Mok | PERTH

After 12 weeks not 1 injury or niggle. Feeling awesome all over. Would never have thought I could do a normal pushup but managed a few sets of 15 today. Gotta love the positive encouragement Helen gives every step of the way.

Heather Eaton | PERTH

I have been working out with Helen for the past month. I have found Helen to be a very professional, competent and caring fitness mentor. She integrates my personal goals into the fitness training and motivates me to do my best. I always leave the small group sessions with a positive sense of well-being thanks to Helen’s mentoring approach to women’s wellness.

Marilyn Malcolm

Calgary Alberta, CANADA

Helen’s classes at Body and Soul Womens Wellness are tailored to make the most of my time and energy. Helen adjusts each activity to my fitness level and monitors my movements to be sure I’m getting the most out of each exercise. The training schedule is always varied and although difficult is always extremely enjoyable.  I always leave the small group sessions with a positive sense of well-being thanks to Helen’s mentoring approach to women’s wellness. Her enthusiasm and encouragement make her classes a great way to get and stay fit.  I highly recommend Helen and her business – Body & Soul Women’s Wellness.

Mary McNabb

Saint Thomas, ONTARIO

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